About Josephine


 It was in her adolescent years that Josephine realized that she was not  completely alone; that she had a team guiding her. Even at times  providing her the correct answers to math problems! It was not something  she sought to figure out or understand, nor did she tell anyone. She  accepted it for what it was and simply knew she was not alone. Josephine  grew older always knowing things and having premonitions that were at  times, shocking. These feelings that this was right or wrong or that a  certain person would be at a certain place were trusted implicitly. 


 In her early thirty’s, Josephine made the decision to understand what it  was she was experiencing and she embarked on a wonderful journey to  embracing her abilites. She learned that the voices she heard at night  before falling asleep were spirits speaking to her, attempting to  connect with her. She realized that she was unknowingly using these  psychic abilities in her sales profession. She was reading people,  feeling what they were feeling. She recognized that her spirit guides  would flash pictures in her head, directing her on what questions to ask  and how to proceed. It was a long and sometimes lonely journey. Always  reading and searching. It was through one of those exhaustive searches  that Josephine found a group of people that not only understood what was  happening to her, but were going through it themselves. This spirit  circle changed her life, opening up to so many possibilities. In many  ways, she felt this is when the journey truly began, bringing her to  where she is now. 


 Josephine resides in North Eastern  Pennsylvania and has studied under, and with, the finest mediums,  psychics and healers here in the USA including Lily Dale, New York, a  Mecca for Spiritualism, and the largest Center for Science, Philosophy  and Religion in the World. Josephine has also traveled to England to  study at the Arthur Findlay College. She is a Usui Reiki Master,  Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Empath. Utilizing all of these abilities,  Josephine now builds on that passion for interaction with people that  she found in sales and practices as an Evidential Medium -- she brings  in pertinent and identifiable information from spirit and gives it to  the sitter in ways that they can understand and acknowledge.

A  medium is just that--a medium between spirit and the sitter, and  Josephine works to serve spirit without compromising their messages.  Josephine brings a comfortableness and charm to her sitters. They can  rely on her to be the straight shooter -- she’ll always tell it like it  is. Josephine has embraced her calling and strives to work in as genuine  a manner as possible, helping others on their own journeys. She has  learned that there is another component to attaining your dream that  goes along with the ‘working hard’ part: The acknowledgment that you are  not alone.