11/13/2018 8:54 PM
I  met Jo at an event for intuitive in the fall of 2014. She gave me an  accurate card reading with information about a woman that I was  interested in at the time. She was honest in telling me that it wasn’t  the best situation for me, but did so in a way that was very gentle and  easy to hear. I was stubborn and persisted, but months later it turned  out that Jo was indeed right.  Two years passed, but I always kept her card because I remembered her  accuracy and caring style. I ended up calling her in early 2017 and  scheduling a reading, which was just as good, so I did the same thing  this year as well. I kept notes on both readings and used them as a  guide throughout the year.  Thank you, Jo!

Angela Serrano

 11/9/2018 3:07 PM
Josephine,  you are an astoundingly impressive Paychic Medium. My sisters and I  were amazed by how you handled the bombardment of information that came  through from the moment we sat down. You cut right to the chase and  began to deceifer what spirit was bringing forth. You are professional,  patient, considerate, truthful and last but not least accurate. Clarity  was what we needed and, Jo, you came through for both sides. Thank you. 

Laurie  11/2/2018 11:44 PM 

Jo,  I’m sorry it’s taken me a little bit to write this, but I wanted to  thank you for making me feel so comfortable during my spiritual reading  on 10/25/18.  You were incredible and passed along a lot of messages I  needed to hear to really start healing.  I’m sure I’ll see you again.   Thanks again, Laurie

Jackie 10/15/2018 9:55AM
I highly recommend jo, she was right on and helped me with so many things.



My reading with Jo was amazing! She was able to tell me things about my husbands passing that were spot on and she gave me messages that brought me comfort. She also gave me insight on how to move forward which has been difficult for me. She is the real deal and I left feeling lifted and energized- feelings I have not had in many months. She is honest, genuine and caring. I will be checking in with her in the future!  

Diane B.


I  went to see Jo 7/14/2018. She is simply amazing. She saw and said  things no one could possibly know. Was over joyed to hear from both my  parent's and know they are happy together again. She was spot on with  everything going on in my life both good and bad. She has blown me away  and would highly recommend seeing her.

Diane BLaura F.


She  was incredibly insightful! My boyfriend and I had separate readings and  both of ours were helpful. For me personally, she gave me insight about  my life that I already knew- but needed to hear. I can be at peace with  several things that she said, including that my prayers are being  heard, that I will have a life full of love if I allow it, and she gave  me advice about not returning to old habits (which is totally my  problem!). Additionally, she communicated with my dog that passed away  last year and left me with peace of mind. This review does not do  justice to how accurate and wonderful Jo is in her readings! Thank you  so much!!! 

Samantha G.
6/18/2018 9:28 AM
Thank  you so much for this wonderful reading! It gave me a lot of peace  knowing my loved ones are always with me. She was spot on with  everything that was going on! I highly recommend her and will be a  returning customer! 

Jake J

 6/13/2018 2:45PM

I was a skeptic of her's. I sat in on a reading of my girlfriends and sister. It was quite hard. She ruined my proposal plans in very vivid detail. She acknowledged my girlfriends heart condition in very clear and concise detail. Everything that she brought up were things that are not common knowledge or easy concepts to stumble upon and put into words as easily and clearly as she did. I am a extremely logical person and there is no way that she could have done or said what she did without some supernatural/preternatural reasoning behind it.

She is legitimate!!!

Jake  (skeptic)

Ro L

  6/10/2018 10:51 AM 

I  cannot thank Jo enough for giving my husband and I wonderful messages  from our loved ones. I made an appointment with Jo as a surprise  Birthday gift to my husband. He had some unanswered questions and guilt  about loved ones on the other side. Jo touched on every single one of  these questions, and resolved the guilt he was feeling. The reading was  above and beyond what I expected, and I could not be more grateful. My  husband is still blown away by the messages he had received. That  evening he felt completely spent from all the emotions that he was  feeling, but relaxed and happy. Jo also gave me messages from the other  side which I needed to hear in order to heal. The entire reading was  very powerful, meaningful and most of all, very much needed. Jo is very  personable, approachable, friendly, sensitive and all around good  person. As soon as we met Jo, we were instantly at ease. We will both be  back to see Jo in the future for insight, and to connect with loved  ones again.  

Jennifer S


she was great, gave my friend and i much insight to what we already felt and knew. she was warming and on point with her readings. she is down to earth and easy to open up to. i would recommend her to anyone looking for an honest reading . she is not generic very authentic...

5/31/2018 4:44 PM Message:
I  had the pleasure of having my chakras balanced with Josephine! She’s  very personable and gives really great advice. I felt better instantly!  It’s been a little over two weeks and I feel more balanced and clearer  than I have in a while.

 Debbi M.


Jo was truly a blessing to meet. She has a true gift to share spirits messages. She came in my life at the right time and in the right way. 

Laurie S  

5/7/2018 9:29 AM

Let  me start by saying Josephine was amazing!! I can be skeptical at times.  However, within two minutes of sitting with Josephine that all  disappeared. Several of my family members came to visit and things were said that only I would  understand. It was so comforting to know that my family are all together  and are doing well. It was such a great experience and I'll totally be  back to see her again soon! 

Denise P

 5/2/2018 11:57 AM 

Josephine  is the best! I have done card readings and reiki before with her and  now just had my first spiritual reading. I thought doing the card  readings were awesome and many things I was told had happened. I was  visited by my Dad soon after he passed . The things that were said no  one would know but me. The spiritual guidance that Josephine gave me has  helped in certain situations. Now after having the spiritual reading I  am so comforted. My mom recently passed and this time she came to visit  with my Dad and other relatives that had passed. I left after the  reading so happy knowing I connected with so many and knowing the family  members that have passed are all together. Again things that were said  no one would know but me. I am so grateful that I found Josephine !! I  can’t wait to go back again !

Misty H


From the moment Jo walked in the door I could feel her positive energy.
Everything she said was relevant to our situation. My children and I were very happy with the connection that occurred through Josephine. I'm certain if anyone goes to see Jo they will not be disappointed.
Thank you so much Josephine


3/9/2018 7:49 PM 

WOW..  was all i could say afterwards. i admit i was a bit skeptical before  going to see Jo, but the moment i sat down with her and she started to  tell me things.. things about me, my dad, my mom, everything.. was quite  literally .. spot on. She said things that there was no way she could  have known about me or looked up . Her reading on my mom totally threw  us for a loop.. thats how good she really is. She has the gift and i  would highly recommend her  She is really that good. 

Esther P.  

3/2/2018 11:56AM

I  would highly recommend Jo. to those in need of spiritual healing or  unsure of their life path.  I would like to express my gratitude to Jo.  who has a gift to inspire and guide others.  My experience with Jo. was  one of enlightenment;  It was almost as if she recognized the energy of  my soul giving me the ability to effortlessly find calm and peace.  Each  one of us contributes in our special way with special abilities and  lessons learned, but Jo. is truly special, nurturing and AWESOME!


 2/17/2018 5:45 PM 

Testimonial:   When I contacted Jo, I was extremely lost, yet highly skeptical. I had  never had a reading before, but Jo was amazing. She made me feel so  comfortable and gave me the encouragement I needed to move past my  struggles and forward with my life.  She saw and connected with aspects  of my life that I she couldn't have possibly known about without our  discussing it first. Jo answered my questions and helped me to see that I  needed to focus on myself.  After my reading, she rebalanced my  chakras, which I had also never had done before. The next day I was  seeing things more clearly, had more focus and drive and wasn't dwelling  on the things I that had brought me down in the recent past. I highly  recommend a reading and chakra rebalancing with Jo and will be returning  for a follow-up in the future. Thank you Jo!


1/28/2018 6:38 PM 

Jo,  I just had to savor the time to remember all the wonderful messages you  intervened for me. You hit it right on! Frank was wearing a reddish tie  with a pink stripe in it when he was lying in repose!!! Ha! Paul (son)  remembered his white bunny (he gave one to my mother) with the pink  ears, and I have his matchbox truck on a crochet cross on my window  above my sink. Wow! My dad had a cancer growth on his head and wore his  hat always in and outdoors. He was the scotch drinker. Sam/Sammy was my  high school boyfriend, and we were together on and off for many years  after college, and especially the last 20 years.  He had cancer of the  throat (I didn't know) and just passed about 4-5 months ago. Bobby was what he called my Uncle ROBERT--again I didn't remember that  one. And,yes, my uncle is very sick--stints in his heart and other  illness I don't know about. You are truly remarkable and I look forward  to another meeting with you. Thank you.


 1/24/2018 8:18 PM
Jo   Thank you so much for the time you spent with me today. It was so  wonderful to have my father come through and for you to know what he was  like.  It's even better to know that he is with me always and hears.  The rest of the reading gave me clear information on my life and my  journey.  In love and light


Hi Josephine!  Thank you for the reading at Tina’s house this past weekend.  I’ve had time now to absorb some things you said that I wasn’t able to relate to right away with the individual card reading.  My card was deception and envy. You had asked me if I hold things in and I didn’t reply with a resounding “yes” but if I dig deep, yes, I do hold on to things.  An example would be the guilt I feel for a stray dog that I once had who I believe was stolen.  I searched for so long to find him, with no luck.  That was over 20 years ago and it still deeply bothers me.  I have other things like that throughout my life and yes, there is some past deception as well.  Envy:  you asked if I had a sister and if she was envious.  I never felt as if she was but her daughter had once told me that she feels that our mom favors me.  

My ex husband came through stating that he was very worried about Matthew.  Matthew is his son.  I contacted Matthew’s sister and she said that he has had years of theft, rehab and jail. I relayed the message to her.

The most important thing to me is that you were able to tell me that a black, hairy dog was circling me.  My sweet Raven has been gone for 12 years and I tell her every day that I love her and miss her. I’m glad she came through!  

I think that I will seek out a counselor to bring forth the things that I am holding inside.  

I am thankful for your gift!


 1/22/2018 9:08 PM
Another  memorable and touching group session with Josephine! I was amazed by  the specific details Jo shared, and how our loved ones' personalities  came through in her dialogue. It is always so incredible to experience  the connection, and to witness others' joy when their loved ones make  themselves known to us. Jo truly has a gift...and I am so grateful to  have connected with my mom, hearing her advice and confirmations. Thank  you, Josephine for sharing your gift! 

I  had my first spiritual reading the other night. I enjoyed Jo she was  wonderful, I can't wait to see her again she told me things nobody would  know but me,it was a awesome experience 

 August 28, 2017 3:34pm
I  had my first reading and was so nervous I didn't know what to expect!  Jo was wonderful, so calming and understanding. I can't begin to thank  you for my reading. You gave me the peace I've been searching for and  for that I am truly grateful. I laughed and I cried my reading was so  spot on!! I've been telling everyone about you and recommending you  highly. You are truly a gift and I feel blessed to have found you and  looking forward to future readings. Thank you again!!

12:08pm August 28, 2017
Thank  you for all the peace of mind that you brought to me. You helped me  exhale. A fabulous reading and you are so comforting and fun . Can't  wait to meet up again.

I  was truly blessed with an unforgettable journey with Jo. I went away  with a feeling of peace, joy and total gratitude. Jo, you are beyond  amazing!! 

Amanda Ramchandani    06/09/2017  2:36pm
I  had my first reading with a psychic, ever, on May 31st and I am  grateful, thankful and blessed that it was with Josephine! I didn't know  what to expect going into this but I knew that I would at least be open  to hearing what she had to say, especially since she came highly  recommended! She blew me away. It was like she was in my head and a part  of my life! She said the good with reassurance I felt in my heart and  the not-so-good with tenderness and care. I felt totally connected to  her and the info she gave me (which was more accurate than I could have  expected). I rarely write reviews (it's something I always mean to do  but then life sweeps that off my to-do list) but I needed to write this  one. As a panicked, anxiety ridden, chaos driven mom/wife/person,  Josephine was what I needed. If you are here reading these reviews, I  guarantee she's what you need too. You won't regret it. Thank you for  EVERYTHING, Josephine!! Your words still ring in my head and heart and I  am already "better" because of you

06/07/2017  1:45pm
I  went for my first Reiki healing / Chakra balancing session last Friday  and I was totally amazed and wowed by the experience. What started off  as a means to help me relax and calm my nervous & anxious energy  gave way to a message from a loved one to "let go" and move on.  Josephine was absolutely amazing and totally able to help convey the  message to me in a way that made me comfortable and gave me a sense of  peace. There were details that she would not have known about without  this family member communicating to her. I definitely recommend  Josephine to anyone that is seeking peace and answers. Thank you. 🙏🏻

K.G.   04/04/2017  9:55AM
The  girls in our family met with Josephine to connect with the members that  have past. We enjoyed hearing from our loved ones and the process  Josephine goes through to communicate. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.  
Melissa  03/09/2017  6:49PM:
Josephine  is like getting a vitamin shot. She is down to earth, real, and caring.  I walked away from my reading feeling energetic and ready for life.  Josephine is a gem!

Teresa    01/18/2017  6:43pm
I  had an amazing reading with Josephine over the phone she is very  accurate and we'll spoken she was on the nose. I def recommend her.  she's the best out here.

Meaghan  01/08/2017  4:13pm
Myself  and two friends did a group reading with Josephine this weekend. This  was my second reading with her and she was spot on both times. I would  recommend her to anyone I know looking to get a reading.

Name:    11/24/2016  9:09pm
We  met with Josephine this past weekend. Josephine Took her time and gave  everyone individual attention to those seeking to look for someone who  has passed on. Josephine explained her process, and did not leave us  with false hope. Josephine was honest and told it like it was, she was  spot on with so many things it was unbelievable. We all very much  enjoyed our time with her, and will be contacting her soon for other  readings.

Comments/Questions:       10/25/2016  9:06am
Met  with Josephine for the first time this past weekend. She was very  helpful and in tuned to the questions I had about path and direction. I  went with a small group and was impressed with her ability to identify  our strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and joys without knowing anything  about each one of us. Her insight and connection to our energy helped to  affirm what was in my heart. Working on getting out of my head and  making a vision board for my next steps!

Comments/Questions: 10/24/2016    6:25pm 
On  a girls weekend and decided to have an impromptu group reading.  Josephine is clearly gifted and in touch with the spiritual realm. Her  reading for me was spot on and helpful in giving me affirmation and  guidance. I appreciated her humor and explanations as well as her  nudging me past my own defensiveness. She says it like it is and doesn't  mince words so be prepared and open! Will be using her again for sure  :)

Donna  10/22/2016 8:53pm

I  was part of a group reading today with Jo and she connected with family  and friends and mentioned things that no one would no but me and my  family. There were eight in our group and everyone received a connection  with a family member. Jo was one of the nicest people I ever met she  tells it how it how it is. We were laughing and crying. She truly is  amazing!!!! Thank you josephine for a wonderful experience. I can not  wait till I'm able to meet with you again.

Tina DeLeone-Oehme   10/22/2106  10:39pm
First  reading with Josephine.Things she said not only to me but to other  people in our group were right on. Felt very comfortable with  her.Definitely will be scheduling another reading! Thank you!:)

Mary Waitword ny  10/23/2016  7:26am
Yesterday  I was at a group reading with 8 women. A few I just met yesterday.  After we were read we were all in awe! Josephine was spot on! I will see  her again!

Comments/Questions:      10/03/2016  1:03am
I  first spoke with Josephine in August 2014. I reached out to her after  my father passed. I have had several readings since, and she has amazed  me every time. As I sit here missing my dad, I think of the things he  has passed on to me through her, and I find comfort through my tears. I  have wanted to write a review for a long time but could never find the  words to truley express how awesome Josephine is. She talked about  things that there is no way she could have known if dad didn't tell her.  Some things made no sense to her, but I knew. There are alot of people  out there claiming to talk to our loved ones that passed, but Josephine  is real. She has a gift from God that I wish everyone would experience. I  highly recommend contacting Josephine for a reading. You will be  amazed!

Comments/Questions:   10/03/2016  5:27pm
A  friend and I had a Spiritual reading done today with Josephine. What  she told us brought both of us to tears. She told us things that no one  would have ever known. I have had a bad couple of months and I left  there feeling I can now go forward. I would highly recommend Josephine .  Thank you for your gift. God Bless!

Mary Waitword 10/03/2016  4:39pm