Cranial Temple Activation


This includes an attunement of the pineal gland, the physical  plane of the 3rd eye, and a stimulation of the communicative pathways  between the heart and the brain, helping your cognitive processes to be  more powerfully informed by the wisdom of the heart.   This gentle,  peaceful process can help the recipient to attune to Divine Frequencies  for guidance, clarity and one's Divine Blueprint for health. This is a  very beautiful process for awakening more of your Divine Truth. The  attunement increases the vibratory level from this point forward.   Activating  the Pineal Gland has assisted many in becoming a clearer channel to  their higher selves. This leads to a life filled with peace, abundance,  unity, empowerment and direction. The activation is a large step in the  advancement of humanity in the future. Individual activation can be felt  in many areas of life as the person feels empowered to hear their own  inner spirit more clearly and experience the associated healing of the  body and mind.   The pineal gland is located in the center of our  head and looks like a tiny pinecone. It is a regulator of the endocrine  system, especially in the realm of sleep and circadian rhythms. In  metaphysical terms, it is referred to as the Third Eye, and actually  contains photoreceptors. It is our gateway into intuition, telepathy and  communication with our higher selves and Spirit. It brings people into  greater harmony with themselves and the universe, causing things to fall  into place in their lives rather than requiring effortful intention and  struggle. Physically, it helps relieve sleep and appetite problems and  other aspects of the body that are out of balance.   An energetic  activation of the Cranial Temple attunes this system to increased  intuitive capacity, with greater receptivity to Divine Guidance, Wisdom,  Clarity and Perspective, and informs the body and the mind of this  information. It also supports the activation of one’s Divine Blueprint.  The primary glands involved in the activation are the pineal, known as  the seat of soul and linked both physically and energetically to the  third eye; the pituitary, which when activated releases currents of  Divine Will; the hypothalamus, to align the frequencies of the physical  and energetic bodies to return to one’s highest spiritual functioning;  and the thymus, located in the region of the High Heart, which, when  linked to the activated pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus, reminds the  body of its idealized blueprint, thereby supporting the immune function  of the physical body.    CTA activation helps with whatever a  person's next stage of evolution is. For example, if a person is having  an issue with their thyroid that issue may be needed for that person to  experience something that cannot be missed, if that is the case, CTA  would not clear it. What we think is "off" or "wrong" or "not balanced"  is not so. One may have a mild illness that brings them to a Doctor that  detects (in time) a more severe disease that can now be treated  successfully. One may have an illness that brings them to a Doctor that  they do not "agree" with causing them to research other alternatives,  which may bring them to a holistic physician who enlightens them about  other things, which starts a chain of events in that person's life of  good health, happiness, abundance and wellness. We cannot decide what is  needed or not. CTA knows what needs to be cleared and clears it so that  person can move to the next stage of personal/spiritual growth. It is  also great for pregnant women and GREAT for the baby!   The Cranial  Temple (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) holds energy to support  patterns in our body to anchor the LIGHT for the restructuring of our  DNA.   Within the Pineal Gland is the Master Cell. This cell holds  the DNA and genetic code for the individual, and when energetic changes  are made to the Master Cell, it is then replicated to ALL of the DNA and  genetic code in the body.  When activated, our consciousness is  re-calibrated to the likeness of our L.I.G.H.T.body™ (Universal  Intelligence), guiding us to our next stage of personal evolution.   CRANIAL  TEMPLE ACTIVATION™ (CTA) is a powerful energy modality that has strong  roots in science unlike many other forms of energy healing and systems,  which work primarily with the intangible. CTA works on the entire  endocrine system, the brain, and the heart, however it specifically  focuses on activating the pineal gland which was first documented as the  seat of the soul by Descartes before 1637 and is considered to be the  third eye in both historical and contemporary comparative traditions and  healing systems.   The Cranial Temple Activation™ does the following:   Awakens ones natural Psychic abilities Assists in the evolution of the Unified Brain   Creates a more "holistic" way of thinking Expands ones cellular structure to anchor more light in the physical body Generates direct communication with the Universe Holds the key to accessing information held in Universal Consciousness Opens the door to ones highest potential of living, thinking, and being  The  Cranial Temple Activation™ is a powerful energy modality that is  grounded in the body using the Pineal Gland (gateway) to engage the  spirit.  For those of you who desire to live a life of significance, to  claim a territory of consciousness, to become adept within it, and to  embark on a trail of higher consciousness….. this is the key.   The  process of Cranial Temple Activation takes approximately 30  minutes  seated in a chair. The effects are ongoing. Please contact Josephine if  you would like to gift yourself or another with this Sacred Activation.